Mariachis and Foie Gras


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been more and more interested in taking portraits (I know, you would never be able tell from reading this blog, but I’m a bit iffy about posting photos of people on here – what do you think?). Well, a few months ago I felt like I hit the photography jackpot when a friend invited me to attend her mother’s wedding in a CASTLE in Burgundy. Yeah, an actual castle…in wine country…did I mention the castle? The family has owned (and lived) in the place for 1000 years! The ceremony itself was in a small village where weddings only happen about once every 7 years. The civil wedding took place in a tiny city hall, which you could easily pass by if you were not from around those parts. The entire wedding party squished themselves into the room while the mayor conducted his very first wedding ceremony.

The civil wedding was followed by a small apéro in the courtyard behind city hall before everyone went back to change and regroup in the castle.

My friend has a lovely French/Mexican family, so the event mixed both cultures to make a pretty spectacular weekend. There was wine, champagne, foie gras and even a mariachi band that changed outfits several times.

The castle is a tourist attraction but since it was rented out for a private event, we were able to walk around and even get a little freaked out at night (the wine probably had something to do with that too). All the open doors that we barely noticed during the day were actually made to blend into the walls with matching wallpaper and wood panelling. It’s pretty unsettling when you’re trying to find your way back from the washrooms through a dark castle and find yourself in a closed room that you were sure had doorways 2 hours ago.

So without further ado, here are some of my photos:


  • Hi Lisa,

    Sounds like a spectacular wedding!
    I am really loving your portraits! They are my favorite — somehow you are more reflected in them. I aspire to take such breathtaking photos, which are bathed in light so beautifully. 50mm lens?

    I’m glad that your friends gave you the OK to share here on your blog. I’d love to see more portraits, sure!
    The mariachi band must have been an exciting touch to an already unique event. Music really sets the scene. I’m so curious as to what the ambiance must have been like (Mmm, and the food) with the fusion of those two cultures.

    Bon week-end. x

    • Lisa says:

      Hey! Wow, so I guess I’m super terrible at replying to comments on time :/ Sorry! I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with the blog but things are about to change :) Thanks for your encouragement! And yes, it was a really great mix of cultures.

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