Break in Barcelona


Two weeks ago I headed off to Barcelona for a week of sunshine and tapas. I recently got PACSed (sounds painful, but no I didn’t need to see a doctor about that). PACS is actually a very formal civil union, which only exists in France. It’s sort of like a half marriage with twice the paperwork and a small party. The other upside of a PACS is that you get an extra week of vacation for a mini honeymoon. My Mr. and I decided to go to Barcelona since it’s cheap and only an hour flight away (and my Mr. had a work seminar there).

We stayed in the historic part of the city where the streets are very narrow and never straight. I’m not very big on modern art, so I preferred to skip the insane lines and just enjoy the beautiful city from the outside. I loved the architecture in Barcelona, and not just Gaudi’s masterpieces. While the buildings in the old part of the city are fairly medieval and plain looking, once you get to the grand boulevards the facades are just stunning.

As you know I’m a foodie and this trip was no exception. I recently discovered an app called The Fork (aka La Fourchette in France and El Tenedor in Spanish) that lets you find restaurants around you, make reservations and get some pretty good deals. I’m obsessed with this app and it really saved us during our trip. We managed to avoid the tourist traps and find amazing local food, even in the most touristy parts of the city. For the first time, I don’t have any food photos on this trip because I ate a lot of pintxos and my hands were greasy.

There’s only so much walking around and eating that I could do, so I got a little bit restless on one of the days (I was exploring by myself while my Mr. was at his seminar during the weekdays). So what’s a girl to do? Visit a zoo, obviously. It also helped me a bit with my Spanish because the family beside me kept repeating the names of the animals to their little girl in Spanish, so I tried to follow along.

What’s missing from these photos? Only Barcelona’s most famous site – the Sagrada Familia, but I thought that it deserves its own post. So for now, here are a few snapshots of my amazing view of Paris on the flight back.





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