How to Add Instagram to Your Blog

Instagram WordPress plugins

I’ll be the first to say it: I love Instagram (maaaaaybe you want to go take a look at mine hint hint). I check it more often than my email and I really enjoy posting photos on there. At first it was a way to publish my “not good enough for the blog” photos but little by little, it became a second outlet for my photography. I actually put effort into composing and taking the photos that I put up on Instagram, that’s why I wanted to give them a little place on my blog.


How to add an Instagram feed to WordPress

My blog is hosted on, which is one of the most popular and versatile platforms for blogging. I tried a few free Instagram plugins on WordPress, but in the end, I stuck with Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram. It’s pretty easy to setup and I really like how you can choose the size of the photos in your sidebar (I’ve changed themes several times and it’s been really simple to change the width of the thumbnails).


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 23.34.23First, go to the Plugins section of your WordPress admin section, then click Add New. In the search box on top right, enter Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram, select it and click Install. Once it’s installed, go to your plugins page and click on Add User. Follow Method 1 or 2 to add your Instagram account.



Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 23.36.02

instagram-plugins-wordpressOnce you’ve added your account, go to Appearance in your WordPress sidebar and click on Widgets in the dropdown menu. Your theme should have a sidebar section where you can drag and drop the widget. Click the little arrow beside the Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram widget and play around with the settings. Here’s a screenshot of mine so that you get an idea of how to get my layout.


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 23.42.22

5 more WordPress plugins to put an Instagram feed to your blog

This is definitely not the only plugin for adding an Instagram feed to your blog. They range from super simple ones to ones where you need to go through a fairly technical setup process (but are usually more customizable). All of these are free Instagram plugins for WordPress, although I haven’t tried all of them:


Well, there you go. I hope this little tutorial blog post has helped. If you have any questions about how I added an Instagram feed to my blog, I’m happy to help, so just give me a shout out :)


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