I just came back from London, but I’m going to do things a little bit out of order and post the photos from my trip in JUNE. So, where did I leave off? We were in the middle of the trip visiting Poland. The first stop was Krakow, followed by a detour to the Wieliczka Salt Mine to see enormous underground cathedral made out of salt.

We then made our way to Warsaw for a few nights. The city isn’t as small and dainty as Krakow, but it has a lot of charm nevertheless. It has a bit of a split personality, with a beautiful historic city center (completely rebuilt after WWII and maintained in perfect condition to this day…it’s really amazing how well preserved everything is) and the rest of the city, which has that odd, grandiose communist style. In fact, one of the main things I remember about the city is how gigantic the streets were. It seemed like we only had to walk a few blocks to get somewhere but those blocks took 10 minutes to cross.

We made a stop in the newly-built Polin Museum of the History of Jewish People. Even though I’m usually not a huge fan of modern architecture, I really loved this building. It had a sober and mediative character that really conveyed all the emotions that go along with the topic of the museum.





We also visited the beautiful Wilanow Palace just outside of the city. It was a rather chilly (and rainy?) day but the fun yellow exterior of the palace really brightened up the scenery.



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