Kanata for Christmas


Guess who got a new lens! Meeeee! So when I went back to Canada for a very quick Christmas break (yes, it’s possible to run out of vacation days, even in France) I couldn’t wait to try it out. I’m from a little (or is it big now?) suburb called Kanata. If you’re wondering, yes, you’re not the only one who got confused – Kanata, Canada is not the easiest name for a town. It’s actually a very nice, peaceful place with pretty houses and winding roads. There’s also a park here and there, so I decided to head out and try my new lens (which makes the background all blurry and pretty). I love the colours in Canada in the winter. I don’t have any scientific knowledge to back this up, but I don’t really care – I think the light is just so soft in the North.

You may notice that there’s an extreme lack of snow in these photos (ok, there’s a little bit, but really not enough for Christmas). The day I got there, the weather just decided to turn Parisian and stay cloudy and above 0, so most of the snow melted. boo.






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