November: Ten on Ten


I know, I know, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the Ten on Ten. I think the last one that I did was in…May? April? Jeez! Well, anyway, here I go again. It’s actually a really fun project to do, especially to be able to look back months (maybe even years later) and see what your life was like for one day.

The goal is to take ten photos on the tenth of every month and find a little inspiration in your day to day life. It’s easy to postpone your creativity and say to yourself, well, I haven’t travelled anywhere lately so I have no reason to take photos. The Ten on Ten project gives that little push you need to try to see your mundane routine in a new way. This month, I cheated a little…I was swamped with work on the tenth, which fell on a Monday, and I couldn’t get out of the office for lunch so I didn’t have enough time to take interesting photos. I stretched out my Ten on Ten to the eleventh, which we had off, and took some photos then.

So, let’s begin:

November 10 – 8:35 AM

A photo of my water-colour painting from the night before. I haven’t done it in a while, so it felt great to take a little bit of time to just sit and paint.


November 10 – 8:52 AM

My apartment got even girlier! I couldn’t resist getting this pink necklace tree so that I could quickly see what I could wear in the morning.


November 10 – 8:23 PM

It’s getting dark earlier now and all the stores are closed when I walk home. Luckily, it makes it less awkward to take photos of their window displays.


November 11 – 1:45 PM

I’m still a heavy-duty flower shopper because my apartment is so gloomy. Somehow, flowers make up for the extreme lack of direct sunlight. That photo was taken in the brightest part of my apartment – the hallway.

November 11 – 1:52 PM

I have a sombrero now, so of course I had to take a photo of it!

November 11 – 4:49 PM

Since this is a holiday in France, the park near my apartment was packed with families. What does any self-respecting Parisian park have? A carousel of course.

November 11 – 5:35 PM

The weather was very pleasant for a November evening, so we strolled all the way to Hotel de Ville, where we found hundreds of chalk mice lying around. The whole square in front of the Hotel de Ville was covered with hearts, cartoons and little quotes like this one, which translates to “no matter where you are, happiness is within you”. It rhymes in Russian, so it sounds nicer than my translation.


November 11 – 5:35 PM

Photo up top. A little mouse missing a nose :)

November 11 – 5:54 PM

We passed Notre Dame on our way to the 5th arrondissement where we planned to grab a coffee. As we walked by, we noticed that there were absolutely no tourists waiting to get in, but the doors were open. It was after all, Remembrance Day (aka Armistice Day in France) and there was a service being held in the cathedral to those who died in WWI. As I was walking around, I noticed that almost all of the candles were lit as a solemn tribute. The real gravity of the day hit me though when I passed an old nun silently crying as she was walking down the aisle.



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