Dali Museum

Dali Museum Paris

I’m trying to get caught up on my posts since I’ve actually been taking my camera with me everywhere lately and have a ton of photos.

I had heard about the Dali Museum a few times and even walked by it once in Montmartre. Personally, I love Dali so I couldn’t wait to visit! His paintings are realistic but super weird with lots of bright colours (ok, so that’s how a 10 year old would describe his work, but I’m not exactly an art critic, so cut me some slack). Also, I just remembered that he collaborated with Disney (what?!?!), so I thought I would share the video.

Random? Weird? Amazing? Yes it is.

Anyway, back to the museum. It’s located on a small side street in what looks like a fairly small building. The entrance is also deceptive; you only see how big it is once you head down the stairs to the actual show space. It’s dark, cavernous, with bright spotlights… pretty much how you expect a Dali museum to look like.

The space focuses on Dali’s statues, including the famous Lips sofa and many of them are modelled after his painting, like the skinny-legged elephant. The museum is not too big, so in case you’re already in museum-fatigue, this is a good one for a quick visit. untitled-36

Dali Museum Paris

Espace Dali

11 Rue Poulbot,

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