April Ten on Ten


Happy Easter! This month’s Ten on Ten post is super late, but hey, it’s my blog and no one is going to fail me for handing this one in past the due date.

Lately, I’ve been noticing flowers everywhere – probably because this is my very first “real” spring. In Canada, the seasons pretty much just go from winter into summer, skipping spring altogether. Last year, I had the bad luck of moving to Grenoble when they had the coldest temperatures since the 60s. In fact, when my parents came to visit at the end of May, it was waaaaay colder in Grenoble than in Canada. That’s why this year, I’ve been so excited to see all the blooming trees. I’ve even brought spring into my home – I have a membership card at my local florist and get a fresh bouquet every week. My Ten on Ten this month was all about flowers and pretty Parisian strolls along the Seine after work. Oh, and really yummy sushi at a fun restaurant near my work. With the all-white decor and pink lighting, I assumed it would be insanely expensive, but it actually has a great lunch menu.

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