Ten on Ten: November

Ten on Ten november camels morocco
Ten on Ten November

The last few weeks have been so busy and chaotic, that I almost forgot about the Ten on Ten. Luckily, I was taking photos that day anyway, since I was in Morocco for a long weekend. So this Ten on Ten is a bit of a sneak peak of my trip in Tifnit and Agadir (on the west coast of the country).

In case you’re new to the Ten on Ten idea, it was started by Rebekah and launched in French by French Lily (where you can see all the other Ten on Ten participants).

To fill you in, I went to Morocco for a work-related trip (the fun kind of work-related trip) and spent most of the time near the small town of Taroudant, just a few hours south of Marrakech. On Sunday, we drove for a few hours to see the the seaside village of Tifnit and then stopped by in Agadir for a fancy brunch.

11:16 am

I’m not sure if this is seasonal, but the closer you get to the ocean, the cloudier and foggier it gets. We left Taroudant in sunshine and arrived in Tifnit to some pretty chilly winds and cloudy skies.

Tifnit Morocco fishing village

11:20 am

On our way to the village, we crossed a parking lot with various modes of transportation…

tifnit camel morocco fishing village

(ok, yes, that camel is only for tourists. From what I saw on the roads, camels aren’t used at all in daily life, unlike the noble donkey, who you pass every few minutes on the roads).

11:27 am

I guess all the fishermen were on their lunch break.

tifnit camel morocco fishing village

11:30 am

Camel close up.

tifnit camel morocco fishing village

11:35 am

Tifnit Morocco fishing village

11:52 am

(Photo up top) This day was all about camels, including these guys that were justing relaxing in the back of a truck.

12:37 pm

After the fishing village things got a bit fancier in Agadir, where we went for brunch at the Sofitel. While I was a fan of the beach and lounge areas, I thought that some of the decor was a bit sombre (i.e. table setting at a funeral or Tim Burton movie).

Sofitel agadir morocco

12: 50 pm

Sofitel agadir morocco

12:54 pm

Sofitel agadir morocco

1:04 pm

Sofitel agadir morocco

That’s my little sneak peak into my Morocco trip. I’ll have more photos soon (and also a few from my quick stop in Ireland).


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