Photo of the Month: November

photo of the month november
Photo of the Month November

It’s time for another Photo of the Month! November’s theme, “Together”, was chosen by Ava. This month has been pretty hectic, so I didn’t have time to come up with a fresh photo. I didn’t want to skip this month though, so I dug into my photo archives and found one that fits the theme quite well, I think.

The sculpture above was taken in the Museum of Civilization in Canada (aka the coolest museum on earth). It’s called the Spirit of the Haida Gwaii. It’s named after the Aboriginal heritage of the Haida Gwaii region and represents the codependence in nature – the passengers in this sculpture include everyone from the trickster Raven to the human Shaman. They are all in the same boat (aren’t we all?), and no matter the harmony/disharmony within the group, they have to work together to survive. The cunning Raven holds the steering oar, reflecting life’s unpredictability.

Ok, deep, theoretical part aside, I also picked this photo for the “Together” theme because I took it when I was back in Canada visiting my family in Ottawa and my friends in Montreal. It’s hard to get a photo where you have all the people you love together in one shot, so something more abstract seemed like the way to go.

So there you go, that’s my photo for this month.


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