Ten on Ten: August

Grenoble France

I recently found out about a fun project called Ten On Ten, started by blogger French Lily, where you take ten photos on the tenth of the month (ideally spread out throughout the day). It’s meant to show “a day in the life of” and make you try to get interesting photos out of ordinary, everyday things. I tried to make this slightly more challenging by only using my 50mm lens. So, here is my first Ten On Ten:

10:51 am

(Photo at the top) I was on my way to Estacade market and since I was walking instead of wizzing by on a bike, I was able to notice the cool colours and shapes of the buildings a few blocks away from my apartment.

11:01 am

The Estacade market is really unique because it’s actually located right under a traintrack bridge. Every Tuesday through Sunday, the market is filled with fruits and veggie stands, as well as people selling meat, cheese, wine and even shoes.

Marche Estacade market Grenoble France

11:15 am

What I really find amazing about France is that the markets setup in the early morning hours and then clear everything out in the afternoon. The cleaning crew come around and by the time they finish, you would never be able to guess that this space was anything but an empty lot. In the Estacade market, the only hint that this transforms into a bustling location in the mornings are the painted pillars under the bridge.

Marche Estacade market Grenoble France

1:04 pm

What would a day be without my little sweetheart Lola?

Lola cat Grenoble France

2:20 pm

While trying to figure out if there was anything interesting outside my window, I noticed how cute my curtain clasps are.

Grenoble France

2:25 pm

My neighbourhood has some really funky architecture, like the colourful buildings above, the round church, the wavy gold parking lot, and this wooden entryway:

Grenoble France

3:39 pm

Yum, afternoon snack.

Viennetta Grenoble France

10:22 pm

I went to the city center to take some photos for another project (will make a post about that soon), and saw these beautiful reflections of the Italian restaurants on the Isère river.

Isere Grenoble France

10:28 pm

A few blocks away I was on the Pont Saint Laurent, which is a wooden bridge that shakes when people walk by (slightly unpleasant) and had to take a photo of this beautiful view.

Isere Grenoble France

10:52 pm

As I was walking back to my bike, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this motorcycle. With the cool lighting (in front of a church actually), it looks like something out of a movie.

Grenoble France

Voilà! That’s my first try at the Ten On Ten project. I also want to share a few other people whose Ten On Ten projects I really like: D’ici et d’ailleurs photography, Laulinea fait des photos, and Pixeline Photographie.


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