Weekend in Madrid



I took a little weekend break (again) from Paris and its non-summer last week to go to Madrid! I’ve been to Spain before, but mostly in the south, so it was really fun to see the difference between that region and the capital. It was also really nice to go somewhere where it’s warm, dry and filled with blue skies…

Castle Weekend: Château d’Ussé



Last but not least – Chateau d’Ussé. This is the castle that Charles Perreault had in mind when writing Sleeping Beauty, and they really play off of that fact. The castle has a natural fairytale charm on the outside, while on the inside the entire top floor has rooms with scenes from the story. The castle itself is not very…




This past month has been….delicious! A friend of mine is taking the pastry course at the Cordon Bleu school (fancy shmancy!) and almost every day, she brings home a new dessert. Luckily, she lives only a few blocks from my work, so I get to a) take awesome food photos and b) eat! She also has a really small refrigerator…

Castle Weekend: Chateau de Chenonceau



After spending a few hours in Chambord (actually, we spent half our time there having a lazy lunch near the main entrance), we headed off to Château de Chenonceau. This castle is known as the “women’s castle” because it was designed, built and restored by women, one of the most famous being Catherine de Medici. What makes this castle so…

Castle Weekend: Chateau de Chambord



Yes, yes, I know I went to Eastern Europe and I should be posting those photos first, but they’ll take me a while to get through, so instead, here is a little snapshot of my weekend getaway to the Loire Valley. This area in France has hundreds of castles – I mean literally, hundreds! Every few kilometres there’s a sign…

Flowers and doors

The Rest


The weeks here have been pretty crazy on the weather front. Way back in March I was walking around in short sleeves and last week I was wearing boots and a jacket outside. So when there is a warm, sunny weekend, I drag myself out of bed (and forego my usual 1pm weekend wakeup time) to go outside and take…