A Castle, a Dragon and Perogis in Krakow



After a very eventful summer, I can say that fall has officially arrived…because here I am lamo-potato sitting at home with a cold. The only one happy about this situation is my wallet, who’s finally getting a night off. So instead of eating my way through Paris, one bistro at a time, I’m going to get caught up on my…

First stop: Budapest


Budapest Hero's Square

I think I mentioned it a few times on this blog already, but earlier this summer I went to Eastern Europe on a trip with my parents. I’m used to travelling in a low-key kind of way (aka staying in hostel or at friend’s places), but since this was a trip with my parents, we went all out! They’ve been…

Dali Museum


Dali Museum Paris

I’m trying to get caught up on my posts since I’ve actually been taking my camera with me everywhere lately and have a ton of photos. I had heard about the Dali Museum a few times and even walked by it once in Montmartre. Personally, I love Dali so I couldn’t wait to visit! His paintings are realistic but super…

A day in Nîmes



Due to a little AirBnB issue, my long weekend trip to Montpellier included a day in Nîmes, which is only half an hour away by train and turned out to be a cute little town. Its claim to fame is the really well-preserved Roman arena near the city center. There’s also a Roman temple (surrounded by cafés, naturally). The thing…

Long weekend in Montpellier (and an AirBnB fiasco)

Food Travel


I have been (and will be) travelling quite a bit around Europe. For once, I planned ahead and booked a trip a month ahead of time so that I could get reasonably-priced train tickets and accommodation. Even though I lived for an entire year in Grenoble, which is technically closer to the Mediterranean than Paris, I never went to the…

Weekend in Madrid



I took a little weekend break (again) from Paris and its non-summer last week to go to Madrid! I’ve been to Spain before, but mostly in the south, so it was really fun to see the difference between that region and the capital. It was also really nice to go somewhere where it’s warm, dry and filled with blue skies…