November: Ten on Ten

Ten on Ten


I know, I know, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the Ten on Ten. I think the last one that I did was in…May? April? Jeez! Well, anyway, here I go again. It’s actually a really fun project to do, especially to be able to look back months (maybe even years later) and see what your life was like…

I should start exercising more…



…well, at least if I want to counterbalance all the pastries and cakes that I’ve been eating. As you may know, a friend of mine is doing a pastry diploma at the Cordon Bleu (oooh aaaaah so fancy!) and I’ve been taking lots of photos (here and here). Since my friend bakes more than she could eat on her own…

Relaxing in Cinque Terre



About a year ago, I saw photos of one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Cinque Terre. I had no idea where it was and assumed that it was located in an impossibly remote area that I would only visit when I’m retired. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that it was actually not…

Catching the last bit of summer in Italy



I realize that as I’m writing this that it was actually 25 degrees in Paris this weekend, so technically, I’m still catching the last bit of summer here, buuuuut Tuscany was very summery as well (and will probably remain so until November). A few weeks ago I flew for a long weekend with a friend to Florence, where we spontaneously…

A little weekend in Amsterdam



I’m taking a little pause from the posts about Eastern Europe and pastries (completely unrelated by the way) to give you a little peak at my mini weekend in Amsterdam. I’ve actually been to Amsterdam before, but that was back in the day when I never even thought about bringing a camera on my trips, so I barely remember the…

Back to (pastry) school!



As you may have seen from my previous (and very popular) post here, I have a friend who is taking the pastry program at the Cordon Bleu, one of the top cooking schools in Paris. Luckily, she lives only a few blocks away from my work, so I get to go over there fairly often to try her latest “homework”….