Flowers and doors

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The weeks here have been pretty crazy on the weather front. Way back in March I was walking around in short sleeves and last week I was wearing boots and a jacket outside. So when there is a warm, sunny weekend, I drag myself out of bed (and forego my usual 1pm weekend wakeup time) to go outside and take…

Square Batignolles

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As you know, I moved to a lovely new neighbourhood in the 17 arrondissement of Paris. I’ve been pretty good about discovering the area, but it wasn’t until one random weekend when I noticed that there was a giant park (well, for giant for a city…so fairly small by regular standards) that I had been walking by for months without…

New city, new blog!

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I’ve been in Paris for nine months now. When I first moved here, I wasn’t sure if it would all work out – starting a new job, getting all the paperwork in order and even trying to find an apartment. I only knew a couple of people here when I arrived in September and I had no idea how or…

Paris at Night

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Paris at night is so gorgeous! A few weeks ago when the nights were still warm, a friend and I headed out for a walk along the Seine. I arrived on the hour, which is when the Eiffel Tower lights up and begins to “sparkle”. I’ve already seen it a few times since I’ve moved here, but I still get…

Paris in May

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Paris in May is pretty spectacular. The weather is warm, the terraces are open and the flowers are blooming. Even though the city doesn’t get very cold in the winter (well, for a Canadian), the warm weather makes everything come alive in the spring. One of my favourite things is to just walk around everywhere and take it all in….

Birthday Weekend in Paris

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While I haven’t been so great at updating my blog, I’ve actually been pretty good about carrying my camera around and taking some photos. So here are a few shots I took in the past few weeks. My friend came to visit me from Ireland for my birthday (when is it? It’s the Star Wars day!) and what better way…